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I am a research associate at INSERM and University of Lyon in the Stem-cell and Brain Research Institute (SBRI), France. After a Master in Cognitive Science (University of Lyon) and a PhD in Computer Science and Communication Systems (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland), I have developed additional expertise at the University of California Irvine (USA), University Paris-Descartes (France) and the University of Birmingham (UK) in vision research.


My research focuses on the rules applied by the brain, for which some signals detected from the environment are grouped or differentiated (3D shape inference, color transparency, perceptual filling-in, sensorimotor adaptation). I investigate its anatomical and functional hierarchy. Back to Lyon in 2007, I led my psychophysical experiments combined with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) on various topics such as the study of saccades, color perception, integrative multisensory processing. I see in art a source of inspiration for my past and future experiments.


Stem-Cell & Brain Research Institute


18 avenue Doyen L├ępine

69675 Bron cedex - France


Peggy Gerardin, Ph. D.


+33 4 72 91 34 95

Instagram @aboutartisticbrain